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5 Actionable Digital Marketing Tips for Travel Business Owners

Digital Marketing Business Owners
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These are indeed strange and yet diamante-shaping times to be a business owner and especially a travel business owner. With this in mind, I would like to share with you what I think are the best 5 actionable digital marketing tips for travel business owners. To be honest, I believe that only the best and most adaptable will stay on the market. The pandemic and the internet make for a very competitive environment, where you need to be the best that you can be and make yourself and your online digital presence great.

Let’s get going and check my tips:

1. Profile Your Customers, Business, Market

What do I mean by this? For a business to be successful you need to offer the right services to the right people, at the right time on the right channel, I might add. So it only makes sense to be present online. But not just present but also aware: For instance, your company is in the market of Safari-themed tourism packages. Well, you are not going to be successful if you advertise it on a Facebook page dedicated to the living–grid or animal lovers. Do you get my picture?

So instead of trying to offer everything to everyone, try to identify what your clients prefer, search and buy, do a demographic search to see who they are, a competition search and then compare and see how you can turn all this into a niche. Investing in real research will prove to be “key” to staying on the market.

2. Create a Great Website – Your Online Business Card

Having a website has turned into a must! I can not stretch enough the importance of an optimised, fully functional website. Everything has to be top-notch! It will need to load fast, as most of us use phones or tablets and by now we want fast everything. Next, you need to pay attention to the content of the site: quality, relevant photos and videos, great-looking design and clear website structure.

No wonder that having a great website has turned into such a major part of the digital marketing strategy. It is your new online, non-stop working office. You can add in extra features like booking online, a blog, a contact form or the option to chat with a salesperson.  Simply stated: the sky and your imagination are the limit!

Just keep in mind to make the site easy to navigate, full of relevant information and to offer contact methods! This way your clients know you’re trustworthy and that they are important to you.

3. Invest in Great SEO

A great-looking website goes perfectly hand in hand with great SEO, said by David Kovacs, founder of Travel SEO agency.

You need to learn about the ways to improve your SEO. You need to make sure you are using all the right keywords and to make sure search engines find your site easy to navigate. But don’t forget that basically, you need to offer relevant and traveller-friendly content, for everyone, not just for the search engine! To make a point, unless you know your way around SEO, I would suggest hiring a good SEO expert or a content writer. This way you can focus on the business and planning aspects of your travel business. And may I make a

suggestion? Don’t ever forget to blog about your business! This is one very actionable digital marketing tip for any travel business owner.

4. Advertise in all Shapes and Forms

Organic growth is indeed the best policy in the long run. But sometimes, when the season is low or competition high you need to step up your game and set aside a budget for paid advertising. You can use Google or any social media channels that you think have the best access to your clients, but always make sure to check the results and also use the advertising tools available on platforms. It will help you stay on the first pages of searches and reach the clients who are indeed searching for what you have to offer.

5. Use Email Marketing to The Fullest

Another tip for a good marketing strategy in the tourism industry is to use email marketing. When people subscribe to your newsletter and offer their email, they send you the message that they are interested! You need to follow through and offer your best offers, deals, promotions and convince them. But you have a very good chance of converting them from potential buyers. Just always make it simple, and easy to read, share and get more info or contact you.

Final words on the subject

When opting for a digital strategy just have a look at my 5 actionable digital marketing tips for travel business owners! Find out which one works best for you. Mix it up, give it time to develop and never be afraid to add your personal touch to the mix! Just always have your traveller’s best interest at the core of the business and the rest will follow!

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