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5 Reasons Why Menu QR Codes Are Here to Stay

In the course of Covid-19 pandemic, we are forced to unearth various ways to stop virus transmission. Thus, when the year of 2020 strikes, QR codes made a major comeback. 

QR codes are a 2D image that contains lengthy yet useful information. The data stored in a QR code is generated using a QR code generator with logo online. To access the information in a QR code the user needs to scan it using smartphone device. 

QR codes are barcodes but- a better and advanced version of it.

Restaurant, bars, and other food and beverage service business benefit the use of QR codes. They use the Menu QR codes that will let customer directly scan the QR code on their mobile phone. It is in line with the no touch policy that is globally practice to avoid the spread of covid-19.

With this, menu QR codes become the new normal for most restaurants after covid19 lockdown because it keeps the business to continue its operation.

But will it still be usable after this pandemic?

Even after this pandemic, menu QR codes will stay to be the “new normal” for people to scan products that restaurant offer.

Here are 5 reasons why menu QR codes are here to stay.

For everyone’s safety

It is quite evident that using menu QR codes and other form of QR codes help reduce the covid19 virus contraction. Even if restaurant dine in occupancy is reduced to 50% for social distancing but if everyone will use the same paper menu there is still a big chance that you will get the virus. 

We are not just talking about Covid19 virus here but also other transmittable diseases such as Salmonella, common colds, meningitis, other influenza viruses, and chicken pox.

With a menu QR code , customer safety will be guaranteed because all they need to do is to scan the QR code using their own mobile devices.

This will also keep your staffs safe as their interaction with customers will be limited as they don’t need to go around and hand menu.

Customizable in appearance

Menu QR codes are customizable in appearance. You can decide what color, design of your QR code, and most especially you can add your restaurant’s logo on the QR code. With this, your QR code will also conflate to your brand identity. 

Save money

Printing cost is becoming expensive, and you don’t just change your menu because it is damage but also to update prices and add new dish. Menu are normally updated at least twice or thrice a year. Not to mention that you also need to pay an expert to edit and layout the menu.

Menu QR code’s content is can be edited. And because of that, you no longer need to edit and reprint your menu. It can be update without having to print it all over again. Saves a lot of time and money!

Editable/changeable in content

Menu QR code is what every restaurant owner dream in making their menu. Since Menu QR codes uses dynamic QR codes that will let you edit/change the content of your QR code.

You don’t need to get an expert just to make the perfect menu for your restaurant as you can do it yourself in your own time. Plus, you can easily update your menu when the product will be sold out.

Reprinting will not be a problem because with dynamic QR code, you don’t have to create and print a new code as it will automatically be updated.


Menu QR codes will remain the “new normal” even after this pandemic because of its benefits and timeliness and it is now widely use in other business.  We are living in the digital era where almost everything is accessible digitally in just a click. Menu QR is the key if you don’t want your restaurant to be left behind.

Anything new will be talk of the town. Since Menu QR is not widely use unlike traditional menu, it will attract more customers as everyone will be curious about this new innovation. People will then voluntarily promote the place on their social media accounts to invite other people to visit your restaurant.

Having a great menu is very important to restaurant’s success since this is what we ask for as soon as we sit on our table.


With all its benefits, it is time to rethink and upgrade your restaurant and use Menu QR codes now.

Be the first in your community to use Menu QR code. Generate your Menu QR code now using a QR generator with logo online and create a safe yet modern food ordering experience for all. 

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