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Best way to celebrate selling your business

Most entrepreneurs who sell their business don’t do it because of piling losses. It can be something completely different, something that isn’t morbid at all. Perhaps you’ve had a good run, and you’re finally ready to relax. Or you’ve found an investor willing to buy the business for double its market value. Reasons for selling your business and moving on can be endless, what truly matters are your achievements.

Running a business is hard; many responsibilities can be quite overwhelming, and entertaining your ambition comes at a price: stress. Therefore, if you have officially decided to retire or focus your energy on something the world has to offer, take a minute, and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

There are numerous ways you can celebrate, from going out with your friends for drinks to hosting a full-fledged party. But if you’ve sold your business, time isn’t a problem, and you have countless options to explore.

Moreover, you can also treat yourself. Remember, the latter is part of self-care, which should never be compromised. Especially not when you’ve just sold your business. Just go to the nearest mall or even head over to Google, and you will find endless inspiration for parties. However, since you are trying to celebrate a success, how about just indulging in luxury.

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Get yourself some Dominican cigars

All smokers know that regular cigarettes don’t hold a candle to premium Domincan cigars. The two are worlds apart across so many dimensions that there can’t possibly be any competition. And, there’s no better way to buy a top-quality cigar than to get it from a country that renowned for world-class cigars? To answer that shortly, no place in the world does cigars like the Dominican Republic and that is a fact.  

 Everything from its distinct flavour profile to its sleek design – a Dominican cig speaks for itself. It is structured to epitomize high-grade tobacco and deliver complex notes that usual counterparts just can’t compete with.

Due to its tropical climate, the Dominican Republic is an ideal location for harvesting tobacco. While the latter can be cultivated anywhere in the world given the right conditions, premium varieties aren’t widely available. Even though hefty equipment has largely taken over the farming process; today, many Dominican farmers still execute the process by hand. This is one of the major reasons why their tobacco is touted as the best throughout various nations. And unlike other crops, tobacco requires complete dedication without which the harvest would yield a substandard product.

Statistics suggest that more than half of all cigar supply in the US is sourced from the Dominican Republic. In fact, these cigars are pretty popular presents among people who smoke. That being said, they are quite pricey but their quality does make up for it.

Just like the tobacco they are made out of, these cigars have a rich history dating back to the 20th century. Over the years, natives have had ample time to perfect their cigar-rolling skills, and with sales refusing to take a dip, Dominican cigars form a huge part of the area’s exports. Not to mention, the government ensures no compromises are made on quality control, and only the best rolls are supplied across the globe.

The best cigars on the market  

  • Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story:

These hand-rolled beauties have a depth to their flavour that almost feels creamy. While their taste isn’t too strong, its aftertaste reminisces of woody notes. The Cameroon wrapper is what actually amplifies the texture of smoking this perfectly luxurious cigar.

  • Fuente Fuente Opus X:

Among cigars that are hard to find at most stores is the Opus X. The Pus X is made without any dilutions, includes aromatic foreign tobacco, and is hand-rolled to perfection. The flavours are quite strong and sufficient to win any cigar connoisseur over.

  • Davidoff:

If you are a smoker who enjoys coffee and nutty flavours, choose from Davidoff’s compelling variety of premium cigars. Just like Arturo Fuente’s creations, these provide an indulgent creamy note while remaining mildly potent.

  • Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue Cigars:

This Dominican cig puts a unique spin on cigar smoking, as its enticing flavors are derived from sweet fruity profiles. They are handcrafted but include Indonesian wrappers for the perfect finish.

The Verdict

Today is as good a time as any to finally spend some of your savings on something you truly like. You won’t be selling businesses all of your life. Chances are, moments like these won’t knock once too often.

Investing in such a symbolic item will always serve as a reminder of all the hard work you expended in bringing your previous venture closer to success. And for an entrepreneur, such reminders make for incredible experiences!

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