Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future
A NATS case study

Page 1: Introduction

NATS is the world’s leading provider of a range of air traffic services. This includes providing air traffic control (ATC) services for some of the world’s busiest airports. It is constantly seeking to create solutions to the air space and airport runway optimisation issues in the aviation industry. NATS was established as a national body within the UK...
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Page 2: Stakeholders

Stakeholders are the people or groups who have a stake or interest in the success and performance of a business. They include two broad types of groups: those who are directly involved with the organisation—internal stakeholders; the other is those that have an interest in the business, but are further away from it—external stakeholders. For NATS, their internal...
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Page 3: Communicating with stakeholders

NATS has a wide variety of stakeholders, all of which have their own targets and objectives. NATS recognises the importance of each of them. It also sees the necessity of keeping stakeholders interested and involved to support the company strategy. NATS knows that it is vital to communicate with each of its stakeholder groups. This has to be two way communication...
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Page 4: Employees

NATS’ people are an integral group of internal stakeholders and NATS’ continued success depends on the strength and contributions of its workforce. For a business to remain a success, its people need to be at the heart of the operation. This, again, is a two-way process. The business wants the best for and from its people, and NATS believe the...
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Page 5: Customers

Another key stakeholder group is the airports for which NATS provides services. These include some of the most well known and important UK airports, including Heathrow and Manchester. Heathrow is the third busiest airport in the world, with almost half a million air transport movements a year. 2013 was its busiest ever year with NATS responsible for handling the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

NATS is one of the world’s leading air navigation control companies. It has one of the best safety records of any similar operation. In order to maintain this position, and to grow as a business, NATS needs to take account of all of the views of its stakeholders. To do this it communicates clearly with them and aims for total transparency in its dealings...
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