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Students and Teachers

What can you expect from a summer school programme

Spending a summer in an academic programme  is a great way to prepare for university and beyond, but what exactly should you expect to...

Students and taxes what do you need to know

Taxes play a big role in the life of Americans. Not paying fees is cruelly punished. Money-related crimes, loud processes, and convicted celebrities are...

Three important steps to take before applying for a student loan

College education in the U.S. is expensive and involves a lot more beyond tuition fee. While federal loans can help with the basic education...

Case study essay conclusion let’s set right

The conclusion of an essay can be compared with the preparation of the whole speech. You may spend many hours thinking about your subject,...

4 pitfalls stay away

Case studies are powerful marketing tools that can positively impact your business’s sales and attract new customers. Case study articles feature real customers who...

Top 5 ideas business school case study present right way

Why are case studies important? They allow you to connect with and get inside the mind of a business owner. What makes a business...

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