Growing a brand in an unbranded market
An Avery case study

Page 1: Introduction

A marketplace is divided into consumer markets and organisational markets. In organisational markets, businesses sell goods or provide services to other business organisations. Buyers in these markets then use these goods or services to help them find solutions as they work towards the production or development of other goods or services to their customers. One organisation that has achieved...
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Page 2: Growth strategies: interpreting the facts

Avery Dennison is the result of the merger in 1990 of two companies: Avery, which was founded in America in 1935, and Dennison, a US office accessories manufacturer. These two companies and their acquisitions now form Avery Dennison Corporation. Before the merger Avery had been operating in the UK since 1963, and had experienced significant growth in its own right. It had opened new...
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Page 3: Different approaches to growth

Concentration The company had historically focussed on a core group of consumers, individuals in office based secretarial and administrative roles. This can be seen in the way the company uses its title, Office Products, as an umbrella under which to gather companies closely related by product and market segment. Similarly the various divisions, which together form Office Products UK...
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Page 4: Marketing

Marketing involves understanding customers and meeting their needs. This has long been a major concern of Avery Dennison as the means to achieve business growth. Indeed, strategies of concentration, horizontal integration and diversification have all served to improve Avery Dennison’s capacity to meet its customers’ needs. An example of this is to be found in product diversification...
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Page 5: Creating customer awareness and loyalty

The company uses a variety of means to raise customer awareness of the AVERY brand and its products. These include: Advertising - Sending messages through the media to inform or influence the people who receive them. Distribution - The process of making goods available for consumers. Consumer support -Providing a range of services both before and after sales have taken place to ensure that...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Since its arrival as a manufacturing force within the UK economy, Avery Dennison has experienced rapid business growth and market awareness. Its strategies for growth rely on the quality of its products and their range of applications. The company has effectively used new technologies and integrated them with product applications.
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