Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
A Pittards case study

Page 1: Introduction

Producers of internationally known high performance products depend heavily on their materials and components suppliers. These suppliers are the unsung heroes that lie behind other companies' popular success. This case study looks at the work of one such unsung hero: Pittards, a British company that uses skilled buying and high-tech production methods to produce world class leathers. Some of the...
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Page 2: Pittards

Pittards is a well established British company that operates three related divisions:Glove Leather DivisionEstablished in 1826 and situated in Yeovil, it produces glove leathers mainly from sheepskin and goatskin, including a range of leathers for dress, military and service gloves as well as ladies footwear.Shoe and Leather Goods DivisionSituated in Leeds, it makes leather for shoes and luxury...
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Page 3: Brand partnership - jointly meeting the needs of a changing market place

Almost all of us will have come across Pittards' products, even if we haven't recognised them as such. We see them being used by leading sports players: Colin Montgomerie (gloves and footwear), David Seaman and Philip Cocu (soccer boots). The sports shoes you wear may well have been supplied by Pittards, along with your leather watchstrap or bag. Pittards seeks to develop partnerships with high...
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Page 4: Manufacturing strength

As a manufacturing company, Pittards seeks to provide customers with the best quality products using the latest techniques. The manufacturing strategy of the company is to invest in state-of-the-art plant and technology to underpin world class manufacturing facilities and abilities. Pittards is accredited to ISO 9000. This is an important benchmark of high quality standards in production. At...
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Page 5: Leather technology and product development

To be the 'best' in the modern world, firms have to be at the forefront of technological development. Pittards' world class leather technology is a key business differentiator. Leather is a highly technical component. The best materials available are used to ensure that materials meet the requirements placed on them by the customers and end consumers. Pittards prides itself on being at the leading...
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Page 6: Environmental management

An important part of production and technological excellence in the modern world is ensuring that the environment is protected. Pittards is committed to continuous improvement in environmental management. An environment management system is a clearly defined system setting out who is responsible for particular aspects of environmental management, and the key procedures involved in working towards...
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Page 7: The importance of sponsorship

As a company heavily involved in supporting sporting excellence, Pittards sees carefully targeted sponsorship as an important ingredient of its business activity. A good example of this is the BT Global Challenge, a ten month Round The World yacht race in which crews fight against the prevailing winds. Pittards has been involved twice as a business sponsor of the race and with the aid of its...
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Page 8: Association with the big brands

Recently Pittards has been associated in some joint advertising activities with the big brands that it supplies. A common feature of the advertising has been an image of an individual faced by the elements and in a difficult situation - the adverts have the strapline:'it's times like these you know why you chose Puma and why they chose leather created by Pittards!This relationship advertising...
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Page 9: Conclusion

Quality leather products provide comfort, and enable sports people and those who enjoy the outdoor life to better master the elements. Being able to use sophisticated gloves and footwear gives sports professionals (e.g. footballer's, racing drivers) a high level of control. Today's sports and leisure industries generate vast revenues worldwide. These industries are characterised by highly...
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