Strategy in action - healthy schools
A Health Development Agency case study

Page 1: Introduction

Governments often propose new initiatives, some of which turn out in the long run to be more successful than others. One key factor affecting the likelihood of an initiative's eventual success is the amount of research, thought and planning that precedes its introduction. This Case Study looks at the government's National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) introduced in October 1999 and...
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Page 2: Monitoring the environment

The environment consists of all those factors external to decision makers that they must consider when they make an important decision, introduce a new policy and deliver a programme. In developing the NHSP, key external factors that needed to be considered included key changes taking place in society. Although people today are living longer (thanks to factors such as high quality water...
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Page 3: Aims and objectives

The NHSP is funded by the government's Department for Education and Skills and Department of Health. As the titles of these Departments suggest, they exist in order to steer activities in particular areas of the economy. These Departments are staffed by civil servants (government employees). Clear aims and objectives are particularly important in the public sector because many programmes...
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Page 4: SMART objectives

Aims tend to be general whilst objectives are much firmer statements of purpose. It helps if these objectives are SMART. This acronym stands for: specific measurable achievable realistic (or relevant) time-related. SMART objectives enable everyone involved in an organisation to: understand what is involved in meeting objectives know when objectives have been met. For example...
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Page 5: Strategy

A strategy is a plan designed to implement sets of actions. It is therefore the means by which an organisation's aims and objectives will be met. The NHSP is the means through which the DfES and the Department of Health is looking to achieve its objectives in terms of creating Healthy Schools and healthier young people. The strategy involves a two-pronged approach: Improving school...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The government regards the development of healthy citizens and a healthy society as an important priority. The NHSP is a major vehicle for helping the government to meet important health objectives - in particular the government's national target to reduce the increase in obesity among children under 11 in the context of a broader strategy to tackle obesity in the population as a whole. This...
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