Investing in training to safeguard the future
A Polestar Group case study

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If you have ever read Cosmo Girl or Nuts you have held a product printed by Polestar. The Polestar Group is the UK's leading independent commercial printer and the fourth largest in the world. It has a turnover of more than £500 million a year, and employs more than 5,300 worldwide. It operates 20 different state-of-the-art facilities in the UK, Europe and North America.

The group handles a wide range of printing services. These include:

  • magazines including Hello!, Country Life, Now, Cosmopolitan, Nuts and many more
  • newspaper supplements
  • TV listings magazines, including Radio Times, What's on TV? and TV Times
  • travel brochures
  • catalogues, including Littlewoods and Cotswold company.

Polestar operates in a highly competitive industry that experiences continual change. Polestar's staff enjoy working in this dynamic, fast moving and exciting market. This Case Study shows how Polestar looks to its Printdynamics and other training programmes to keep the Group 'ahead of the game'.

Polestar Group | Investing in training to safeguard the future