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Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Case Studies

Acting as a regulator and enabler

Governments have no money of their own. They must raise it in ways that are efficient and also acceptable to citizens. That means having...

Businesses and taxation

Business growth Many business owners regard business growth as desirable. So, too, do governments. There are many ways in which businesses can grow e.g. by: increasing...

Getting the message across the importance of good communications

Today´s Inland Revenue The range of work undertaken by the Inland Revenue is broadening. It includes helping people to pay the right amount and receive...

Creating a supportive business environment for SMEs

In the past there was always a belief that large corporations with the ability to develop mass-production techniques and gain from economies of scale...

Matching taxation principles with environmental policies

With the discovery of a previously unknown planet, one of the first things we would want to know is its capacity for supporting any...

Integration in the public sector HM Revenue and Customs

To integrate or merge means to join together. There are often advantages for two organisations to merge to become one. The most important is...

How HMRC collects tax revenue to support Government policy

The UK Government provides a range of public goods and services. The main ones include: educationbenefitslaw and orderdefenceroadsNational Health Service. Within the UK, public expenditure is...

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