Cause Marketing - Vodafone's partnership with The National Autistic Society
A Vodafone case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Successful companies act as role models to other businesses and the wider community. To achieve this role model status they must be committed to Corporate Responsibility (CR). CR involves three aspects: Running a successful business. A business must first make a profit if it is going to be able to make a wider contribution to society. Being committed to ethical behaviour across its...
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Page 2: The nature of marketing and role of Cause Marketing

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Marketing involves finding out what your customers want and then providing it. At the heart of marketing lies the market research process. This involves identifying customer requirements and then meeting their needs. As a minimum this involves asking customers such questions as: What size and shape mobile phone would you like to see us provide? What services do you want our phones to...
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Page 3: Appropriate Cause Marketing

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Cause Marketingmakes sense and is supported by a range of stakeholder groups. Consumers and the public increasingly demand it. Employees are inspired by it. Government and industry regulators actively support it. Investors recognise the benefits of it. Causes benefit directly from it. Just as with any other form of marketing a great deal of research needs to be carried out to...
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Page 4: Research and stakeholder engagement

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As with any partnership, Vodafone was rigorous in researching an appropriate cause to partner. The research was carried out with a number of groups: customers employees public opinion formers (e.g. the press, CR experts) Cause Marketingexperts. A variety of research techniques were used, including: in-depth interviews with customers discussions with 60 charities identifying the best...
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Page 5: Conclusion

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Cause Marketingis a commercial arrangement. Cause Marketing helps Vodafone to humanise its brand in the eyes of stakeholders while providing much needed support for the NAS and those with autism. Vodafone believe that Cause Marketing objectives must fit closely with their vision and overall business goals. Metrics (measurements) are therefore used to see how successful their Cause Marketing has...
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Page 6: The partnership

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Brand positioning involves creating an image that is understood by the wider public of what a brand stands for. Vodafone's brand positioning is: 'Vodafone helps people enjoy richer communication, anywhere, anytime. Always reliable, always easy, always great value ...passionately delivered'. The 3-year partnership programme with NAS fits neatly with this brand positioning. A programme is a set...
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