Improving a leading brand
A Travelodge case study

Page 1: Introduction

Fast-developing organisations have a range of business objectives that provide a direction for their actions and drive them forward, particularly in markets that are prone to change and innovation. In recent years few market areas have changed quite as much as that of hotels, where there has been a general recognition that consumer groups have different and changing requirements. This case study...
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Page 2: The Travelodge offer

A market consists of buyers seeking to make purchases and sellers who compete with each other to make sales. Some markets are intensely competitive with many sellers offering almost identical products at similar prices. Other markets are less competitive with fewer sellers offering differentiated products. The budget accommodation sector in the UK has become much more competitive over the past...
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Page 3: Supporting the brand

Well known brands need to be supported through advertising and promotional activity. Travelodge was the first budget hotel brand to appear on television and coverage on a national scale is further enhanced by a strong presence in all the major press titles. This activity has seen brand awareness rise to over 70% nationally. The effectiveness of this activity was recognised when Travelodge was...
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Page 4: Ease of use

It is all very well having the right product at the right place and at the right price. However, in the budget hotel market it is necessary to ensure there is a top quality booking system enabling the consumer to purchase the accommodation. Travelodge took an early lead over its competitors by focusing on centralising all inventory. To support this, Travelodge has a reservation sales centre...
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Page 5: Building the Internet presence

As more and more households and businesses in this country become regular Internet users it is no longer just optional for a leading business brand to have a top quality Internet site. Travelodge was one of the first companies to realise this and its Internet presence has become increasingly sophisticated since 1996. Travelodge quickly appreciated the importance of developing customer...
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Page 6: Conclusion

In the dynamic modern business world, no organisation can afford to rest on its laurels. Becoming a brand leader involves painstaking efforts including detailed market research, to give a leading edge over competitors. Once the organisation is in front it must press ahead with embracing the sort of change that will help to keep it there. For Travelodge, this means constant innovation.This case...
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