Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand
A United Biscuits case study

Page 1: United Biscuits

United Biscuits (UB) is an international foods business operating in 24 countries. The company manufactures, markets and distributes biscuits, savoury snacks and frozen and chilled foods, has leading market positions in the UK, Continental Europe and Australia, and is building its presence in Asia. UB has 46 manufacturing sites worldwide and its products are available in over 90 countries.UB's...
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Page 2: Product branding

Organisations have to think carefully before introducing any form of brand strategy. A brand comprises a number of features which identify the products of a particular organisation, for example, a name, sign, term, symbol or creative element. It is important to understand how consumers feel about brands as well as other competitive features of markets. Consumers identify with products in a variety...
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Page 3: The snacks environment

Thirty years ago the snack and crisp market in the UK had a very simple structure. Initially there were crisps with the famous small blue packet of salt so that they could be salted 'to taste'. Then there were ready salted crisps. Soon there were new flavours such as 'salt and vinegar' and 'cheese and onion'. The early manufacturers were able to spot a gap in the market and take advantage of the...
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Page 4: Hula Hoops

For buyers, branding reduces the random nature of product selection. It helps them to identify more easily products that may satisfy their needs, and enables them to reduce time evaluating alternatives.Hula Hoops is the number one savoury snack and the second biggest brand in the total crisps and snacks market place behind Walkers crisps. Hula Hoops are made using a mixture including potato flake...
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Page 5: Building on core values

It is important for KP to focus upon the core values of the brand.Hula Hoops are: A simple, ring shaped snack made from real potato.This is the reason why Hula Hoops are so distinct and hence so successful.Both the shape and the base ingredient of Hula Hoops are crucial. It is morethan just a snack with a hole, the shape of Hula Hoops is at the core of all the brand's strengths. It is the...
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Page 6: Positioning the brand

The focusing of a brand upon a range of customer needs and requirements relative to other products is a function of product positioning. Positioning involves identifying key values considered to be important for consumers and then using these to highlight and develop the product's image.KP took a long hard look at 'Hula Hoops the Brand' and produced the following positioning statement:CONSUMER...
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Page 7: Using advertising to emphasise core values

Advertising is the most powerful way of raising the visibility of a product. For example, it helps to explain the success of new products like Tango in recent years and the strengthening of existing products such as Pot Noodles and, of course, soap powders and detergents.Some of the most memorable television advertising in 1996 involved Hula Hoops. Prior to this period Hula Hoops had never had a...
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Page 8: Focusing the advertising

In preparing to advertise there was certainly no shortage of data on who buys, who eats, where, when and why. However, this identified a difficulty for advertising in the shape of the brand's breadth. Hula Hoops are consumed by different people for different reasons. In developing the advertising strategy therefore, there was nervousness of being too selective for fear of weakening other parts...
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Page 9: Fostering brand loyaty

It is essential for business organisations to develop clearly focused strategies which clarify on what it is they are focusing (e.g. Hula Hoops), how they see their focus developing (e.g. to sustain the growth and marketleadership of Hula Hoops), and of course how they will sustain this position(e.g. by emphasising core values).It is periodically necessary to inject new life into an existing brand...
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Page 10: Conclusion

This case study has focused on the way in which the leading brand in the snack market has set out to consolidate its position. In order to do this it hasbeen necessary to establish clear targets and objectives.Central to this strategy has been a detailed analysis of the core values of the product and the way in which they are able to provide the benefits thatconsumers require.
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