Building a competitive advantage
A Bryant Homes case study

Page 1: Introduction

A successful company understands the nature of the environment in which itoperates, and manage to identify how best to gain a competitive advantage over rivals.This is established by firstly carrying out an audit of its existing position.  It must then identify key changes needed to sustain a competitive position in the future, known as competitive strategies.This case study outlines how...
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Page 2: Objectives

The market for new housing has improved steadily over the last few years.  Consumers have benefited from these improvements; they are offered more attractive designs, better use of space through improved design and a higher specification. However, the market is now very crowded, and any innovation by one company is soon copied.  As a result, there is very little apparent...
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Page 3: Identifying the challenges

A SWOT analysis is a useful tool for identifying the challenges facing an organisation at a particular time. SWOT stands for: Strengths of the organisation Weaknesses of the organisation Opportunities in the external environment Threats in the external environment. The strengths and weaknesses usually lie in the reputation and resources of an organisation. Opportunities tend to be found in...
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Page 4: The challenges

Bryant has become far more market focused.  It now carries out extensive market research to discover what the market is looking for.  As a result of this research, company planners have sought to differentiate Bryant in ways that improve its value to all stakeholders and which can stand the test of time.  Durability and flexibility are both very important in a dynamic market...
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Page 5: The solution

Bryant has been able to restore its premium position in a new environment of urban renewal and building on brownfield sites by adopting the following practices: Address the audience challenge with a simple universal recognisable truth (SURT).  Research showed that there are differences between what people look for when buying a home and those factors that affect their long term quality of...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Bryant Homes operates in a highly competitive environment that has recently been reshaped by PPG3. The company has had to develop a new strategy to ensure its premium position in the market.  It is not enough simply to provide the best product at a particular moment in time; it is also vital to have a clear set of objectives and sense of purpose that enables the company to have clear and...
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