Stakeholders in recycling and re-use
A Vodafone case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Vodafone is a mobile network operator headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire. In 2006 its income was just over £5 billion. This made it the largest telecommunications network company in the world by turnover. Most of the UK's biggest companies have been in existence for a hundred years or more Shell, BP, the Bank of Scotland (now part of HBOS), Barclays and Rolls-Royce for example...
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Page 2: External stakeholders

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External stakeholders exist outside the organisation but have a direct interest in what it does. Vodafone's main external stakeholders interested in the recycling of phones are customers and partner charities. Customers Vodafone's customers can be businesses or individuals (consumers). Vodafone has 10% of the world market for mobile telephony around 421 million customers - and has a...
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Page 3: Recycling agents and the supply chain

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Suppliers are also external stakeholders. As part of a business' supply chain, it is important that suppliers maintain a close relationship with a company to ensure that they support its principles. The supply chain consists of all the stages involved in transporting a product to the final consumer. Life cycle Today, we need to take a more comprehensive view of the supply chain. We need to...
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Page 4: Internal stakeholders

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The most obvious internal stakeholders are Vodafone's employees. Other examples may be individuals and groups who are members of the organisation, for example, Board members. Everything that Vodafone does is directed at achieving six strategic goals. Two of these goals are: to be the UK's communications leader to be a leader in corporate responsibility These goals are clearly relevant to...
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Page 5: Shareholders

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Shareholders are another group of stakeholders. A shareholder is someone who has a financial stake in a company. Shareholders provide finance for the company by buying shares. They then receive a share of the profit that the company makes. Shareholders may be internal stakeholders (for example, employees who have purchased or been given shares in the company). They may also be external...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Leading companies like Vodafone seek to work with their customers to behave responsibly and do the right thing. In a fast changing world of innovation, old mobile phones quickly become out-of-date. Vodafone has taken steps to make a positive difference, by supporting recycling campaigns. By focusing on corporate responsibility, Vodafone is able to create a 'win-win-win' situation for shareholders...
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