Creating and managing a unique sponsorship
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

Page 1: Introduction

On 18th March 1997 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc announced that it was to sponsor Tracy Edwards MBE and an all women crew of nine in a unique series of daring yachting challenges. The gruelling series of record attempts will push the boat and crew to the limits of physical endurance.Over recent years corporate sponsorship has become increasingly important as a way of both raising...
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Page 2: Why sponsorship?

Most large companies advertise their range of products and services using a variety of media e.g. radio, television, press and direct mail. These are all part of a promotional mix designed to convey particular messages to particular audiences. However, in an increasingly competitive market it is also important to project a specific image of the company which differentiates it from all the others...
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Page 3: Why the catamaran?

Royal & SunAlliance is a new brand with a new logo and any sponsorship needed to support the development of both name and brand awareness. It also needed to be relevant to all staff and customers in the 100 or so countries in which the Group operates worldwide. In order to achieve this the sponsorship chosen needed to combine the following: It would need to attract media attention outside the...
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Page 4: Project management

The very size of the sponsorship is such that no one person should seek to control all aspects of it. Project management skills feature highly amongst the other range of skills required to mount a project like this. A formal project structure with defined responsibilities, roles and budgets needed to be created and a high degree of teamwork developed. The project structure is on a tiered...
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Page 5: Merchandising

Another Task Force exists to merchandise the event and a merchandising company was appointed. With the press attention gained by the sponsorship, the event begins to develop a value that can be capitalised upon by various manufacturers and suppliers. Obviously such activity needs to be planned in advance and the value of the event does, to an extent, depend upon the success of the venture. If a...
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Page 6: Conclusion

There are many unique features to the Royal & SunAlliance Challenge sponsorship. It is not usual for such a sponsorship to arrange sub-sponsorships or to consider a merchandising approach. Sub-sponsorship within this project has been extremely successful and it may set a pattern for other large company sponsorship programmes in the future.The sponsorship is due to end in April 1998 but could...
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