Meeting customers' needs
A Travis Perkins case study

Page 1: Introduction

Travis Perkins plc is one of the leading UK building and plumbing merchants. The company operates using a number of different brand names. These include:Travis PerkinsTP HireKeylineTP Plumbing and HeatingCCF - Commercial Ceiling FactorsCity Plumbing Supplies.Travis Perkins is a public limited company. The business accounts are available for the public to inspect and it is important that the...
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Page 2: Sectors

As a wholesaler/retailer Travis Perkins operates in the tertiary sector; purchasing its products from manufacturers who operate within the secondary sector of industry or directly from the primary sector. There are three sectors of industry which all rely on each other in the pursuit of business success. Businesses operating in the primary sector rely on the continued availability of high...
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Page 3: Ensuring the continued success of Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins aims to grow through a combination of different strategies. Over the years businesses have been bought through acquisition; this complements its existing store locations, product range and adds to the range of services it can offer. The 600th outlet was opened in November 2002. The network of branches covers the whole of the UK. The latest acquisition for Travis Perkins is...
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Page 4: Travis Perkins´ customers and the marketing mix

The Internal customer is all employees and associates of the business are important, they are the point of contact with the external customer. The External customer buys goods from the business. They are also the potential customers the business hopes to attract in the future. Travis Perkins must strive to continuously improve performance and be better than the competition to keep existing...
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Page 5: Striving for enhanced customer service

In January 2003 Travis Perkins launched excel an integrated customer service programme across all branches. The Managing Director, (Operations) of Travis Perkins, John Carter, explained to staff within the business that: 'excel is all about each and every one of us "making a difference" by working together to provide customers with a quality of service that outstrips their expectations'. The...
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Page 6: The key performance indicators

Key performance indicators include: Quote conversions: Using the quote system to raise a customer order ensures customers get served promptly and pricing is consistent. Link selling: Offering additional related products to the customer, saving them a second journey and increasing the total value of the sales. Invoice accuracy: Making sure that goods are not faulty or sent out wrongly and...
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Page 7: Conclusion

Travis Perkins has to maintain profitability in order to keep shareholders happy and to develop and grow in a sustainable way. excel was launched expressly to enhance customer service across the network of branches, communicating the value and importance of attention to the customer. The research is very focused on determining customer needs, branch by branch. It is also important that there is...
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    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: appreciate the importance of customer service as part of the overall product offered by organisations, understand how customer service helps to give an organisation a competitive advantage, illustrate how customer service enables an organisation to build a strong business capable of growing faster than its competitors.