Revitalising a valued character
A Kellogg's case study

Page 1: Introduction

Powerful images stay in people's minds. Innovative technologies offer new ways of projecting images, and the messages they help to convey. As a result, creative images remain an effective means of communication. Firms with powerful, creative images have a valuable promotional asset. Firms must ensure, however, that the images they convey keep pace with changes in society and continue to reflect...
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Page 2: The Kellogg company

William Kellogg, who founded the company in the USA, believed that diet played a key role in a healthy lifestyle and that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Around 1898 he conducted experiments that led to the development of Corn Flakes. The company prospered, and in 1924 Kellogg's established the Kellogg Company of Great Britain. By the 1950s the US company had begun to develop...
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Page 3: The need for an injection of new life

All markets change over time. Fashions alter, tastes change, technologies develop, people adjust their lifestyles, preferences and expectations. Taken together, these factors cause products to experience a product life-cycle that follows a pattern of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. By charting the various phases in a product's life, an organisation's marketing department can decide...
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Page 4: Research results

Qualitative research finds out about the opinions, views and thoughts of consumers. The Frosties qualitative research showed that Tony, while 'cool' was losing relevance for some kids, which resulted in Frosties not having the 'playground credibility' like some other kids' brands, eg Dairylea and Tango. Quantitative research identifies factors that are measurable; it creates numbers that can be...
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Page 5: Modernising Tony the Tiger

Market research showed that although Tony the Tiger's new role should rely heavily upon the image and activities associated with Tony's past, his role should be updated and linked with current and futuristic activities. When planning an advertising campaign, a business like Kellogg's works closely with an advertising agency. The agency uses its expertise to create, develop, plan and implement...
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Page 6: Evaluating the success of the campaign

Revitalising a brand character is very expensive. It is particularly important when making such an investment that the advertisements hit a range of measured objectives. This process is known as DAGMAR: Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Success. Quantitative research after the launch showed that, although not all targets were achieved immediately, the advertising had moved...
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Page 7: Conclusion

Tony is a particularly valuable brand character and Frosties remains a key brand for Kellogg's. In the highly competitive market for cereals, the sales performance of Frosties relates directly to the positive images projected by Tony. Giving Tony a new injection of life was seen as a vital contribution towards improving the competitiveness of the brand and prolonging its useful life. Kellogg's...
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