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About the publishing industry

The UK publishing industry is the second largest in Europe. It includes the production of printed and digital information for individuals and businesses. This information may be as books, magazines, journals, newspapers, databases, directories and electronic media. There are over 8,000 publishing companies operating within the UK with around 165,000 people work in the UK publishing industry which generates over £8 billion per year.

Publishers produce content as wide ranging as mass-market paperbacks, adult fiction and non-fiction, children's books, audio books, illustrated or reference books. Specialist or academic publishing accounts for high level research materials. A publishing house may have several divisions, with different areas of publishing such as fiction or non-fiction.

All publishing is moving towards the production of digital text for use online or through digital reading tools like the Kindle. Examples of major players in the publishing sector are News International (The Times, The Mirror), Reed Elsevier (academic publisher) and Penguin Group (fiction and children's literature).