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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Energy sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

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    BG Group

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    British Gas

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    • The value of generating change

      This case study focuses on Enron - a dynamic company which is committed to innovation and change in order to provide solutions to the energy needs of consumers in the UK and elsewhere. Edition 4

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    National Grid

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    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

    • Training and development at NDA

      This case study shows how NDA has put in place a training and development strategy to ensure it has the best people to help deliver its mission. Edition 15

    • Developing a motivated workforce

      This case study will show how developing a motivated workforce enables NDA to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to nuclear clean-up and waste management. Edition 14

    • Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders

      This case study focuses on how the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority listens to and makes sure that it meets legal and other responsibilities to its stakeholders. Edition 13

    • The business of nuclear decommissioning

      This case study shows how a clear mission statement, SMART objectives, strategy and tactics all contribute to a successful planning framework for an organisation. Edition 12

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    Northern Electric + Gas

    • De-regulation

      This case study explores the advantages and disadvantages of de-regulation in the energy sector. Edition 6

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    • Managing workforce requirements

      This case study shows how a dynamic and growing company needs to recruit new people with new skills to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century. Edition 15

    • Recruitment and selection in the energy industry

      This case study focuses on how ScottishPower manages its recruitment and selection processes to attract people with relevant skills and competencies into the energy industry. Edition 14

    • Building a multi-utility business

      This case study therefore focuses on the way in which one such organisation - ScottishPower has developed a multiutility strategy that will enable it to keep ahead of the field in serving customers in the next century and beyond. Edition 2

About the energy industry

The energy industry is a very diverse sector. The energy industry is responsible for the extraction of raw materials and using these materials to produce energy. Amongst other things, the industry uses oil, gas, nuclear power, water and renewable energy. With fossil fuels high on the public agenda the issue of energy conservation has become increasingly important to organisations within the energy industry. The energy industry is crucial to the global economy as it is essential to modern society. Most other industries rely on the energy industry to operate.

The leading provider of energy within the UK is British Gas. British Gas has over 16 million customer accounts. Other large energy providers include npower and EDF Energy.