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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Leisure sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

Business Case Studies leisure case studies

    Center Parcs Logo

    Center Parcs

    England & Wales Cricket Board Logo

    England & Wales Cricket Board

    • Using market research to improve consumer focus

      This case study looks at how the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) recently undertook a substantial piece of market research. The ECB’s aim was to research how to increase audiences at cricket matches, stimulate interest in cricket in general and encourage more people to play the game. Edition 8

    Gala Group Logo

    Gala Group

    • An integrated approach to Customer Service

      This case study examines the development of the Gala Group’s Customer Service Strategy as a total business concept. It illustrates how developing and integrating a Customer Service Strategy across the business is helping Gala to position itself for further growth. Edition 8

    • Relocating A Gala Club

      This case study focuses upon the relocation of a Gala Club within Ashton, in the North-west of England. It shows how selecting the best site for relocation involved analysing a Membership Information Database Analysis System (MIDAS) and a demographic profile of the area. Edition 5

    UCI Cinemas Logo

    UCI Cinemas

    • Launching a new cinema

      This case study focuses on the launch of one of these new generations of cinema at Blanchardstown, on the outskirts of Dublin. Edition 3

About the leisure industry

The leisure industry provides products and services for activities that people do for entertainment and enjoyment. The leisure industry encompasses entertainment, recreation and tourism related goods and services. Areas of the leisure sector include sports, gambling and health and fitness.

With health and fitness high on the public agenda the leisure industry is set for increased government spending which should lead to growth. Within the leisure industry employees are often required to perform shift work and sometimes, in bars and clubs for example, are required to work unsociable hours. Examples of organisations operating within the leisure industry include local council leisure centres, cinemas and fitness centres such as Virgin Active.