Business case studies from The Times 100

There are 642 case studies across 88 categories from 307 companies in 18 editions of The Times 100 business case studies. These have been separated online into simple to use sections to make each case study easy to find.

Case Studies by Topic

The Times 100 book contains case studies categorised by business studies subject and topic. Below is a list of topics we cover. Click a subject to see the case studies contained within.

Case Studies by Company

The Times 100 have 307 companies who wish to take part in the business education of the UK’s student population. By sharing their experience in core aspects of business with a case study, students learn from some of the most successful companies in the world. These companies have been arranged in alphabetical order. Click a letter to find case studies from companies beginning with that letter.

Case Studies by Edition

Each year we send a new Edition of The Times 100 business case studies to every Secondary School, College and University in the UK. Below is a list of our 18 editions. Click an edition number to see the case studies contained within them.

Case Studies by Industry

The companies featured in The Times 100 business case studies serve 34 different sectors of industry. This allows you to learn how companies achieve success in different industries. See below to view case studies organised by industry.

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