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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Financial services sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

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    3i Group Logo

    3i Group

    • Venturing for growth

      In this case study, we look at a very important relationship for an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses in this country - the one that they build up with investors. In particular, we focus on the role of 3i Group, the leading specialist investor in unquoted companies in the UK. Edition 3

    Abbey Logo


    • Customer-led innovation in a competitive market

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able toexplain the difference between a product-led and a customer-led approach to business, explain the importance of ongoing market research for identifying customer requirements and thereby enabling an organisation to deliver consumer focused benefits, give examples of ways in which Abbey has simplified its communications with customers. Edition 9

    Abbey National Logo

    Abbey National

    • Building community partnerships

      This case study examines how Abbey National has developed effective community partnerships. Edition 4

    • Converting to a PLC

      This case study looks at the process behind Abbey National's decision to convert from a building society to a plc. Edition 2

    ACCA Logo


    • Interpreting and understanding accounts

      This case study looks at the full range of accounting statements including the Income Statement; the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement Edition 18

    • The contribution of accountants to sound, ethical business practice

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the nature and purpose of accounting, appreciate the role of professional accountants in managing information and using knowledge for decision-taking purposes , understand the contribution made by accounting standards and a code of ethics towards providing a true and fair view of business performance. Edition 9

    AEGON Logo


    • Embracing and pursuing change

      This case study shows how AEGON has responded to its changing business environment to achieve its goals. Edition 12

    Bank of Scotland Logo

    Bank of Scotland

    • Infinite affinity

      This case study shows how Bank of Scotland was looking to grow and strengthen its market position in England with an affinity credit card. Edition 6

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    Barclays Stockbrokers Logo

    Barclays Stockbrokers

    • The stockbroking revolution

      This case study focuses on key aspects of the ‘stockbroking revolution’ and shows how Barclays Stockbrokers has embraced modern technology in order to give customers maximum control of their own stocks and shares trading. Edition 4

    Bloomberg Logo


    • Money markets and more

      This case study focuses upon the development of Bloomberg as a unique entrepreneurial organisation supplying a range of services for investors and businesses across the world. Edition 6

    Britannia Logo


    • The business mission of Britannia

      This case study examines the mortgage lending process and the detailed set of considerations that must be taken into account before granting a mortgage. Edition 3

    • Managing and rewarding customer loyalty

      This case study focuses on the way in which Britannia Building Society has continued to place its customers at the centre of all its activities in order to produce the benefits that guarantee a successful future. Edition 2

    Britannic Assurance Logo

    Britannic Assurance

    • Implementing a management development programme

      This case study looks at how one leading financial services company, Britannic Assurance, has met the challenges of the changing business environment by setting up a management development programme: Management Forum. Edition 7

    Building Societies Association Logo

    Building Societies Association

    Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Logo

    Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

    • Developing ethical business strategies

      This case study examines how CIMA qualified management accountants apply ethical standards to help support and direct strategic decision making and the setting of business strategies. Edition 18

    • Decision making techniques

      This case study illustrates how management accountants use financial data to help make informed decisions. Edition 17

    • Decision making across the business cycle

      The case study illustrates how management accountants support business decision making during all the stages of the business cycle. Edition 16

    • Controlling cash flow for business growth

      This case study looks at how management accountants forecast, monitor and control cash flow in order to maintain the ongoing financial health of businesses. Edition 15

    • Improving strategic decision making

      This case study looks at a structured approach to decision making. It shows how CIMA-trained management accountants have the skills to offer strategic and practical advice and can contribute to effective decision making at all levels in a business. Edition 14

    • Financial information in decision making

      This case study looks at the roles and duties that management accountants cover in a business and at CIMA, an organisation which supports management accountants through training and certification. Edition 13

    CMC Markets Logo

    CMC Markets

    • Enterprise in the fast lane

      This case study focuses on the entrepreneur, Peter Cruddas, who set up his own business CMC Markets in the early 1990s with just £10,000 capital. Edition 14

    Co-operative Insurance Society Logo

    Co-operative Insurance Society

    • Applying the personal touch to financial services

      This case study examines the CIS approach to customer relationships and the steps it is taking to bring a modern face to the traditional values of personal selling. Edition 3

    • Maintaining the Co-operative difference

      This case study looks at the ways that organisations in the finance industry are having to adapt their business operations and strategies in the face of changes in the external environment. Edition 2

    Eagle Star Logo

    Eagle Star

    • Creating a redical new pension

      This case study outlines why it is important to take out a pension and details the main types of pension which are available. It examines how Eagle Star has launched a radical new pension, specifically designed to meet consumer needs in today’s market place. Edition 3

    Egg Logo


    Equitable Life Assurance Society Logo

    Equitable Life Assurance Society

    • Client servicing in a customer-focused organisation

      This case study focuses on how one of this country’s major service organisations, The Equitable Life Assurance Society, has harnessed modern technology in order to focus better on providing an excellent service to clients. Edition 4

    • Building a workforce for the future

      This case study has shown how The Equitable Life Assurance Society has adapted positively to the changing world of work. Through its training, development and recruitment schemes, the Society is building a more knowledgeable and competent workforce for the future. Edition 3

    Experian Logo


    first direct Logo

    first direct

    • Using customer service to position a business

      This case study shows how the online bank first direct positions itself in the retail banking sector. Edition 14

    • Using market research to relaunch a brand

      This case study shows how first direct has used market research to revitalise its brand. Edition 13

    • Taking direct banking a step further

      This case study examines how First Direct became the catalyst for change in the banking industry. From the beginning, First Direct has been breaking the mould of traditional banking and maintains a philosophy of providing and anticipating the financial services people require. Edition 3

    • A revolution in banking

      This case study focuses on First Direct's recognition of a gap in the financial services industry, which was exploited through the development of a unique customer proposition. Edition 2

    FTSE Group Logo

    FTSE Group

    • The contribution of the FTSE4Good Index to socially responsible investment

      This case study examines the work of FTSE Group, one of the world’s best-known data providers. FTSE manages over 20,000 financial indices including its best known product: the FTSE 100. It also focuses on the new family of indices, FTSE4Good, a new standard for socially responsible investment. Edition 8

    Halifax Logo


    Henderson Logo


    • Socially responsible investment

      This case study examines the nature and purpose of SRI and the contribution it can make to society. At the same time it demystifies SRI and corrects some common misconceptions. Edition 6

    HSBC Logo


    • Partners in international trade

      This case study focuses on the HSBC Group, which develops partnerships with organisations either trading or wishing to trade overseas. Edition 5

    Independent Insurance Logo

    Independent Insurance

    • Targeting sponsorship within a specialist market niche

      This case study focuses upon the way in which Independent Insurance has used sponsorship to create a key partnership with The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair to enhance the Company’s reputation as an insurer of high value homes and their contents. Edition 6

    • The Absolute. Tour

      This case study shows how an organisation can develop a personal relationship with customers by focusing on their individual needs and then providing them with the ‘benefits’ that they are seeking. Edition 5

    • Using technology to create a paperless office

      This case study focuses on an innovative information technology-based development in the communications systems of Independent Insurance which was designed to pave the way towards a paperless business environment. Edition 4

    Intelligent finance Logo

    Intelligent finance

    LINK Logo


    Lloyd's of London Logo

    Lloyd's of London

    • How Lloyd's responds to changes in the business environment

      As a reult of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand that the business environment is uncertain and volatile, know that businesses cannot avoid taking risks, value the importance of businesses and households obtaining insurance cover against risk. Edition 10

    • A truly global market

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand why businesses need and value insurance cover, understand Lloyd’s role in insurance, understand the concept of a market. Edition 9

    Lloyds TSB  Logo

    Lloyds TSB

    • Positive about disability

      The case study shows that developing good positive working practices that deal with disability benefits both employers and employees. Edition 14

    • Changing working patterns

      This case study shows how Lloyds TSB uses flexible working patterns to attract, appoint, motivate and retain its staff in order to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Edition 13

    • The business benefits of diversity

      This case study describes how Lloyds TSB uses a sexual orientation strategy as part of its diversity programme to deliver improved business benefits. Edition 12

    London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange Logo

    London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange

    • Managing trading risk

      This case study examines the importance of futures trading and focuses more specifically on commodity futures trading. Edition 4

    • Managing financial risk

      This case study focuses on the way in which a particular type of financial institution, Building Societies, are able to reduce their financial risks today by using the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE). Edition 2

    Morgan Stanley Logo

    Morgan Stanley

    • Matching people with technology to create a global strategy

      This case study examines the work undertaken by Morgan Stanley to ensure that it is making the best possible use of the opportunities offered by new technology and the benefits to itself and its customers resulting from its conspicuous success. Edition 8

    • Operating Globally Through Technology

      This case study focuses on how information technology enables Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to operate within the global financial market place and maintain a competitive advantage. Edition 5

    NASDAQ Logo


    • The first electronic stock market

      This case study looks at how Nasdaq aims to achieve its vision to create a truly global securities market, without geographic boundaries or time limits, that will put leading companies in contact with a broadening pool of investors worldwide. Edition 7

    Nationwide Logo


    • Securing customers' interests through mutual ownership

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand that all businesses have ownership and management structures, understand the need for an organisation’s structures to be appropriate to the organisation’s purpose and vision, appreciate how mutuality can provide mutual organisations with competitive advantage. Edition 10

    • Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League

      This case study examines how one organisation, Nationwide Building Society, has used sponsorship as a means of communicating more about the value of its customer proposition to consumers. Edition 3

    Northern Rock Logo

    Northern Rock

    • Pursuing a growth strategy

      This case study helps students understand how companies grow by meeting needs. Edition 11

    • Driving change through training and development

      This case study focuses on how training and development at an organisational level, was used by Northern Rock during this process of change to equip the Society for the many challenges of the 21st century. Edition 2

    Provident Financial Logo

    Provident Financial

    • Entering overseas markets

      This case study focuses on the expansion of Provident Financial into markets outside the United Kingdom and Ireland. Edition 5

    Royal Bank of Scotland Logo

    Royal Bank of Scotland

    • Motivating through Total Reward

      This case study shows motivation theory in action and describes how a company can achieve the highest level of commitment from its employees. Edition 12

    Royal & Sunalliance Logo

    Royal & Sunalliance

    • Building sound customer relationships

      This case study shows how Royal & SunAlliance has applied successful customer segmentation and relationship management to achieve successful partnerships with its key customers. Edition 7

    • Making life easier

      This case study shows how Royal & SunAlliance has applied the principles of customer focus to provide business-related (‘commercial’) insurance to small businesses. Edition 6

    • Creating and managing a unique sponsorship

      This case study looks at sporting sponsorship, in particular, Royal & SunAlliance’s sponsorship of Tracy Edwards MBE and her crew as they pursue three yachting world records on board Royal & SunAlliance - a 92 foot catamaran. Edition 3

    • Partnership through sponsorship

      This case study looks at how the sponsorship of the activities of the National Trust has enabled Royal SunAlliance to put into practice the values and beliefs it supports to create a reputable partnership designed to provide a range benefits for many years to come. Edition 2

    Sainsbury's Bank Logo

    Sainsbury's Bank

    • The launch of Sainsbury’s Bank

      This case study examines the development of Sainsbury’s Bank, which pioneered and developed the concept of supermarket banking in the UK. Edition 4

    Standard Life Logo

    Standard Life

    • Customers, process and people

      This case study focuses on how Standard Life has extended its marketing mix beyond the traditional four Ps, Product, Price, Promotion and Place to create a modern focus on Customers, Process and People. Edition 5

    Yorkshire Building Society Logo

    Yorkshire Building Society

    • Meeting customer needs - Young Savers

      This case study illustrates customer orientation by showing how Yorkshire Building Society has carried out detailed research into the financial requirements of young people with a view to offering them products that most meet their needs. Edition 8

    • Building a local retail strategy

      The study focuses on the development of a retail strategy based on identifying different customer needs and on devising ways of meeting these different needs. Edition 7

    • The virtuous circle of mutuality

      This case study focuses on the way in which one Building Society - The Yorkshire Building Society has remained loyal to its tradition and to its members - the virtuous circle of mutuality. Edition 2

    Zurich Logo


    • Creating quality customer care

      This case study examines how Zurich brings quality to life in the care it provides for its customers every day. Edition 17

    • The benefits of budgeting

      This case study shows how Zurich’s careful approach to budgeting is a contributory factor in gaining competitive advantage. Edition 17

    • A customer-centred approach to providing insurance

      This case study examines the customer-focused approach of Zurich, the insurance and financial services provider Edition 16

    • Providing a customer-centric service

      This case study focuses on how Zurich has used market research to develop a business strategy of 'delivering help when it matters so that customers feel valued and taken care of'. Edition 15

About the financial services industry

The financial industry is responsible for money management services such as banking, investment, brokerage, and insurance. The financial services industry covers a wide range of organisations that deal with money management such as investment banks, commercial banks, building societies, independent financial advisors and insurance companies. The industry has suffered during the recent economic downturn resulting in many organisations cutting the number of jobs and salaries.

Zurich is a large global insurance and financial services provider that deals with both business and personal insurance. Many organisations within the sector operate globally. Other large organisations operating within the UK financial sector include Barclays, HSBC and Halifax.