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  • Abbey Logo

    Case study

    • Customer-led innovation in a competitive market

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able toexplain the difference between a product-led and a customer-led approach to business, explain the importance of ongoing market research for identifying customer requirements and thereby enabling an organisation to deliver consumer focused benefits, give examples of ways in which Abbey has simplified its communications with customers. — Edition 9

  • Abbey National Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Building community partnerships

      This case study examines how Abbey National has developed effective community partnerships. — Edition 4

    • [+] Converting to a PLC

      This case study looks at the process behind Abbey National's decision to convert from a building society to a plc. — Edition 2

  • Acas Logo

    Case study

    • Acas and effective workplaces

      This case study helps students understand how Acas improves employer/employee relations so workplaces become more effective and productive. — Edition 19

  • ACCA Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Interpreting and understanding accounts

      This case study looks at the full range of accounting statements including the Income Statement; the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement — Edition 18

    • [+] The contribution of accountants to sound, ethical business practice

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the nature and purpose of accounting, appreciate the role of professional accountants in managing information and using knowledge for decision-taking purposes , understand the contribution made by accounting standards and a code of ethics towards providing a true and fair view of business performance. — Edition 9

  • adidas Logo

    Case study

  • ADtranz Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] A classic solution

      This case study focuses on a transportation joint venture between Adtranz, a manufacturer of railway vehicles and equipment, and Angel Train Contracts, a rolling stock leasing company. — Edition 4

    • [+] Creating a new transport system

      This case study outlines the way in which Adtranz has created the tram of the future, the EUROTRAM, for Strasbourg - the European city lying at the hub of the European Union. — Edition 3

  • Advantage West Midlands Logo

    Case study

    • The business of economic development and regeneration

      This case study examines how one of the UK’s most important regions, the West Midlands, with a long history of industrial innovation is undergoing development and regeneration in order to meet with changes in demand and supply and to consolidate its position at the heart of the UK economy. — Edition 8

  • AEGON Logo

    Case study

    • Embracing and pursuing change

      This case study shows how AEGON has responded to its changing business environment to achieve its goals. — Edition 12

  • AGFA Logo

    Case study

  • Association of Investment Trust Companies (AITC) Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Organisations and shareholders

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain how share issues help companies to fund their activities, explore the relationship between companies and their shareholders, explain the advantages of being a shareholder. — Edition 10

    • [+] The role of Investment Trusts in the capital market

      This case study concentrates on longer-term funds. Through Investment Trusts, well-managed businesses have access to secure finance. Whilst those investing, whether individuals or groups, can have confidence in the management of their funds. — Edition 8

  • Akzo Nobel Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Building the heritage of sustainable products

      This case study examines how Akzo Nobel is building on the heritage of some of its established coatings for timbers to reflect the importance of sustainable production and effects on the environment. — Edition 6

    • [+] Using colour in new product development

      This case study examines how Akzo Nobel's customer-orientated service and product development programme maintains its strong market position. — Edition 5

    • [+] Corporate versus product branding

      This case study focuses on how Akzo Nobel, an organisation with many separate business units, an extremely diverse range of products and a large operating area, is developing a common thread of relationships between its business units based on corporate branding that reflects the central values of the company. — Edition 3

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    Case studies

  • Alliance & Leicester Logo

    Case study

  • Alstom Logo

    Case study

  • Amway Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] The role of stakeholders

      This case study explores the relationship between Amway and its stakeholders. — Edition 13

    • [+] Corporate Social Responsibility

      This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. — Edition 12

    • [+] Creating a corporate social responsibility strategy

      This case study helps students understand strategies for meeting stakeholders' needs. — Edition 11

    • [+] Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, Students should be able to: know the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), give examples of CSR activities, understand the importance to business of being involved with communities on a local and global scale. — Edition 10

    • [+] Meeting customers' needs through the Internet

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able toidentify key elements involved in setting up a commercial website, explain how using electronic media helps organisations to meet customer needs, understand how the Internet can be used to support customers. — Edition 9

    • [+] Combining an offline and online business

      This case study looks at how Amway has developed a strategy for taking full advantage of the opportunities that the Internet offers for e-commerce within the UK and the rest of Europe. It also explains the relationship between Amway and Independent Business Owners and the benefits of direct selling. — Edition 8

    • [+] Developing competitive marketing strategies

      This case study illustrates how Amway, after analysing its business operations and performance, moved its business forward by choosing an appropriate marketing strategy. — Edition 7

    • [+] Focusing a brand product range

      This case study looks at how Amway has invested in research and development to create one of its most successful lines - hair care products. — Edition 6

    • [+] Maintaining The Competitiveness Of A Global Brand

      This case study examines this growth which has helped Amway to become one of the industry's market-leaders influenced by changing lifestyles, demographics and economic recession. — Edition 5

    • [+] Successful products - successful solutions

      This case study focuses on the launch of a new cleaning product by Amway. It considers some of the processes which are essential to the successful launch of a product, such as the marketing strategy for the product, the product's positioning, the launch strategy and post-launch analysis. — Edition 4

    • [+] Using communications to develop business opportunities

      This case study focuses on how Amway uses a range of communication methods and processes to help individual distributors develop their own business opportunities. — Edition 3

    • [+] Reaching customers through direct selling

      This case study focuses on Amway and the success it has achieved using the oldest form of distribution - direct selling. — Edition 2

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    Case studies

  • Arcadia Logo

    Case studies

  • Argos Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Identifying customers and meeting their needs

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the importance of a mission statement, and know that Argos’ mission statement focuses on giving customers value for money by providing them with a convenient shopping experience, explain why segmentation helps an organisation to identify and meet the needs of customers and understand how frequency of visitors to an Argos store or site is a good way of segmenting customers, know what is meant by a growth strategy and give a brief explanation of how Argos is seeking to grow. — Edition 10

    • [+] Re-focussing a company's culture and marketing mix

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the cultural change brought about at Argos to boost sales, be able to identify the 7 Ps of the extended marketing mix, understand the changes made to the marketing mix at Argos, — Edition 9

  • Arla Foods Logo

    Case study

    • The Natural 1st Choice Dairy Company

      This case study looks at the growth of a producers co-operative to become the largest dairy group in Europe and how rapid growth required a values-driven culture and identity. This has enabled Arla Foods to create leading brands across a range of markets. — Edition 8

  • Arlington Logo

    Case study

    • Changing the views of business

      This case study outlines the need for organisations to develop strategies which respond to changes in the external environment, not only to become successful, but to remain so. — Edition 4

  • ARM Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] A vision for a smarter world

      This case study will demonstrate how ARM’s strategies contribute to the achievement of its business vision, aims and objectives using an integrated approach focusing on innovation, its people and its network of partners. — Edition 18

    • [+] How innovation drives research and development

      This case study will look at the processes of research and development at ARM and show how these support the company’s leading market position. — Edition 17

    • [+] Motivation within an innovative work environment

      This case study will analyse motivational theory in the context of the employees of ARM Holdings PLC. — Edition 16

    • [+] Fuelling the digital revolution

      This case study focuses upon how ARM has developed a global influence despite being a relatively small player in a fast-moving industry. It has achieved this through its technology, its unique business model and its investment in R&D. — Edition 7

  • Asda Logo

    Case studies

    • [+] Effective recruitment and selection

      This case study demonstrates how Asda’s recruitment and selection processes, teamed with effective leadership and its colleague engagement strategies, are helping the company to achieve its mission. — Edition 18

    • [+] Meeting business needs through training and development

      This case study focuses on how ASDA's training and development programmes enable its General Store Managers (GSMs) to develop the skills and experience they need to become the Regional Operations Managers (ROMs) and senior leaders of the future. — Edition 16

    • [+] Meeting stakeholder needs through community involvement

      This case study helps students understand how companies meet their stakeholders needs through community involvement. — Edition 11

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    Case studies

  • AstraZeneca Logo

    Case study

    • Leading innovation in world healthcare

      This case study examines the benefits of the merger between Astra AB and Zeneca Group and the challenges of marketing pharmaceutical products in a global market. — Edition 6

  • Audi UK Logo

    Case study

    • Investing in people and in brands

      As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: identify the important contribution that human resources make to brand image, know the difference between training and development, understand the importance of motivation in career progression. — Edition 10

  • Audit Commission Logo

    Case studies

  • Australia Logo

    Case study

    • Targeting a market segment

      This case study focuses upon the strategies used by the Australian Tourist Commission to win over segments of tourism and travel business. In particular, it looks at how the ATC has developed a strategy for attracting young travellers to Australia. — Edition 7

  • Autoglass Logo

    Case study

    • Making life easier for the motorist

      This case study examines the way Autoglass developed strategies and day-to-day tactics in order to evaluate and monitor progress while advancing its established corporate objectives. — Edition 5

  • Automobile Association (AA) Logo

    Case study

    • Enhancing customer service

      This case study focuses on the AA’s core business activity, namely providing a personal service to members at the roadside. It shows how the AA has built a range of value-added benefits to this core service, which has supported and enhanced its reputation and quality image. — Edition 2

  • Avery Logo

    Case study