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Case study

  • The first electronic stock market

    This case study looks at how Nasdaq aims to achieve its vision to create a truly global securities market, without geographic boundaries or time limits, that will put leading companies in contact with a broadening pool of investors worldwide. Edition 7

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Case study

  • The use of social media in promotion

    This case study looks at how the National Trust is now adopting a new strategy and modern marketing techniques to excite a younger audience, generate new members and enhance its position as an employer with young people. Edition 17

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Case studies

  • Securing customers' interests through mutual ownership

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand that all businesses have ownership and management structures, understand the need for an organisation’s structures to be appropriate to the organisation’s purpose and vision, appreciate how mutuality can provide mutual organisations with competitive advantage. Edition 10

  • Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League

    This case study examines how one organisation, Nationwide Building Society, has used sponsorship as a means of communicating more about the value of its customer proposition to consumers. Edition 3


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Case studies

  • Training and development at NDA

    This case study shows how NDA has put in place a training and development strategy to ensure it has the best people to help deliver its mission. Edition 15

  • Developing a motivated workforce

    This case study will show how developing a motivated workforce enables NDA to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to nuclear clean-up and waste management. Edition 14

  • Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders

    This case study focuses on how the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority listens to and makes sure that it meets legal and other responsibilities to its stakeholders. Edition 13

  • The business of nuclear decommissioning

    This case study shows how a clear mission statement, SMART objectives, strategy and tactics all contribute to a successful planning framework for an organisation. Edition 12

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Case studies

  • The role of training and development in career progression
  • Achieving sustainability through lean production

    This case study examines this commitment to society, with the sustainability and environment focus that was implemented at Nestlé Waters’ new water bottling plant in Buxton. Edition 18

  • Creating shared value in the supply chain

    This case study looks at the importance of applying the principles of corporate social responsibility to a business’ activities. It will demonstrate how Nestlé creates shared value within its cocoa supply chain to enhance the lives of cocoa farmers whilst also improving the quality of its products for consumers. Edition 17

  • Business principles in action - nutritional labelling

    This case study shows how market research has helped Nestlé understand what consumers wanted to know about Nestlé products so they can make informed choices. This has enabled Nestle to exercise corporate responsibility and demonstrate its business principles. Edition 12

  • Nutrition, Health & Wellness - New Product Development at Nestlé

    This case study helps students understand how companies research, develop and launch new products. Edition 11

  • Responding to changing customer requirements: the drive towards Wellness

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: <ul><li>know that increasing numbers of people want healthier foods</li><li>understand how and why market focused companies (e.g. Nestl&eacute;) respond to such developments</li><li>know about Nestl&eacute: its size, its products and its worldwide reputation.</li></ul> Edition 10

  • Sustainability and water

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: know the basic economic problem and how it is solved, understand the factors of production and opportunity cost, describe what is meant by sustainability. Edition 9

  • From bean to bar - the production process

    This case study looks at the massive, complex worldwide operations that ensures that chocolate products are on the shelves of retail outlets 365 days a year. In reality, it represents a triumph for careful planning and meticulous organisation. Edition 8

  • Kit Kat: Revitalising a Brand Leader

    This case study provides a classic example of how to put new life into a favourite, leading brand: Kit Kat. Edition 7

  • Doing Better By The Environment

    This case study examines the background to sustainable development, the environment and its protection. It also looks at how Nestlé S.A. the world's leading food company, developed a policy and current business practices that reduce the company's effect on the environment. Edition 6

  • Coffee - The Supply Chain

    This case study explains why Nestlé needs a first class supply chain, with high quality linkages from where the coffee is grown in the field, to the way in which it reaches the consumer. Edition 5

  • Long term maintenance of a classic brand name

    This case study focuses on the maintenance strategies Nestlé has used to sustain Kit Kat as a long term brand name and market leader for over sixty years. Edition 4

  • The power of love

    This case study charts the success of the Gold Blend television saga in achieving the marketing aim of making the product accessible to the majority of coffee buyers. Edition 3

  • Injecting new life into the product life cycle

    This case study provides us with an interesting and exciting example of the way in which an innovative company can retain market leadership for its products through product development strategies. Edition 2

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Case studies

  • Developing enterprise skills

    This case study looks at the work of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in schools. It focuses the link between NFTE and a range of small businesses set up by students within one school and helps to show students what areas of business need to be understood before starting up a small enterprise. Edition 12

  • The importance of entrepreneurship in small businesses

    This case study helps students understand entrepreneurship and its importance to the economy as well as types of ownership. Edition 11

  • Teaching youth to build businesses

    This case study shows how many young people have been encouraged to improve their numeracy, literacy and communication skills by learning through ‘enterprise’ under the NFTE initiative. Edition 6

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Case study

  • Planning for quality and productivity

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain why continuous flow methods are appropriate to car manufacturing, show how Total Quality Management (TQM) is a customer focused approach to production, describe examples of just-in-time manufacturing and Kaizen. Edition 9


Case studies

  • Developing a marketing plan

    The study focuses on how a company can respond to changes in consumer expectations, external influences and business aims to achieve those objectives. Edition 14

  • The use of the marketing mix in product launch

    This case study shows how a carefully balanced marketing mix provides the platform for launching and re-launching a brand onto the market. Edition 13

  • Segmentation

    This case study helps students understand how companies segment the market to meet consumers' needs. Edition 11

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Case study

  • De-regulation

    This case study explores the advantages and disadvantages of de-regulation in the energy sector. Edition 6

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Case studies

  • Pursuing a growth strategy

    This case study helps students understand how companies grow by meeting needs. Edition 11

  • Driving change through training and development

    This case study focuses on how training and development at an organisational level, was used by Northern Rock during this process of change to equip the Society for the many challenges of the 21st century. Edition 2

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