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Case studies

  • Making markets work well with customers

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the sources of consumer power, understand how the forces of demand and supply work to determine market prices , describe how the OFT uses its powers to promote fair competition. , Edition 9

  • Championing competition

    This case study looks at how the OFT helps to make markets work better for consumers through its roles of investigation, enforcement and communication. We can support the work of the OFT by becoming more discriminating and by seeking and demanding excellent products and high standards of service. Edition 8

  • The importance of competition policy

    This case study demonstrates how competition policy seeks to encourage and improve the competitive process, and to ensure consumers feel the benefits of that process. These aims are achieved in practice through competition law. Edition 2


Case studies

  • The importance of sustainable purchasing and supply

    This case study explores the role of purchasing and supply in the oil and gas industry. Edition 18

  • Roles & responsibilities

    This case study demonstrates how the right people with the right skills ensure that the sector can maximise the recovery of the remaining oil and gas reserves as well as remaining competitive and profitable. Edition 16

  • Sectors of industry

    This case study shows the importance of primary sector activities in the oil and gas industry, highlighting the range of work and the skills required. Edition 15

  • Management styles in the oil and gas industry

    This case study examines how different management styles may be necessary to support the variety of job roles within the oil and gas industry. Edition 14

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Case study

  • Competing in the global marketplace

    This case study demonstrates how the aim of this integration of services is to meet customer needs more effectively and to improve the competitiveness of local businesses. Edition 3