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Case study

  • Launching a new product range

    This case study examines how one of the country’s most innovative companies, Patak (Spices) Ltd, has identified a market opportunity and launched a new range of ‘curry bases’. Edition 5

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Case study

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Case studies

  • How a brand promise drives change in a multinational organisation

    This case study helps students understand how companies re-position themselves to consumers through communication and product development/enhancement. Edition 11

  • Brand repositioning and communications

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain what is meant by repositioning and why Philips carried out qualitative and quantitative research to identify an appropriate position for the brand, understand why it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an existing brand when deciding how to reposition it, describe how Philips had built a new position for its brand, based on creating products that are ‘designed around you’, ‘easy to experience’, and ‘advanced’. Edition 10

  • Design as a differentiator

    This case study focuses on Philips and how a competitive edge can be built through design. The Philips-Alessi Line was the creation of a new set of products designed to ‘re-humanise the kitchen’. Edition 5

  • Making things better

    This study focuses on the way in which Philips has transformed its organisation and culture in order to flourish in the modern competitive world. Edition 2

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Case study

  • Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers

    This case study looks at the work of Pittards, a British company that uses skilled buying and high-tech production methods to produce world class leathers for superbrands. It also focuses on the Japanese quality system - 20 Keys. Edition 8

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Case studies

  • Investing in training to safeguard the future

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand how being dynamic and innovative helps Polestar to keep ahead of the competition, explain the importance of maintaining a skilled workforce, describe how appropriate training can motivate staff. Edition 10

  • Strategy, competitive advantage and the promotional mix

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand what is meant by business to business activities, understand the difference between commodity and added value products/services, understand the link between mission, the market and strategy. Edition 9

  • Staying ahead - embracing new technologies in a new digital world

    This case study looks at how Polestar has responded to the opportunities presented by new digital technology. It has adopted CTP technology so as to provide its brand-leading customers with a competitive edge. Edition 8

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Case study

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Case studies

  • Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture
  • Product development, innovation and the product life cycle

    The case study focuses on the processes involved in creating the Yorkon Building System and the role of marketing in launching the new product. Edition 18

  • Adding value through health and safety

    This case study explains in detail how Portakabin implements health and safety policy and highlights the benefits this brings to the business. Edition 17

  • Achieving growth through product development

    This case study illustrates how Portakabin, a manufacturer of factory produced buildings, has developed a range of new products called Essential Business Solutions (EBS). The purpose of EBS was to develop products that more closely meet the needs of its customers. Edition 16

  • How the role of marketing drives business forwards

    This case study shows how Portakabin uses marketing to identify and anticipate customer needs and then meet them. Edition 15

  • Lean production at Portakabin

    This case study focuses on how Portakabin uses lean production methods to ensure it produces aquality product that gives value to the customer. Edition 14

  • Promoting the brand

    This case study explores how Portakabin uses market analysis to identify customer requirements and promote its brand. Edition 13

  • How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge

    This case study helps students understand the importance of market research to successful, customer-led product development. Edition 12

  • The importance of excellent customer service

    This case study helps students understand the importance of understanding what customers want to improve customer service. Edition 11

  • The importance of quality in creating competitive advantage

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: know that quality relates to how well a product does what it is intended to do, explain how the ability to provide quality consistently gives some companies competitive advantage, demonstrate the importance of offering customers high quality service. Edition 10

  • Meeting customer needs for competitive advantage

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: define the term competitive advantage, understand the importance of differentiation as a competitive strategy, distinguish between private and public sector customers. Edition 9

  • Developing products and services to meet market demand

    This case study examines how Portakabin has developed new products in response to growth in its existing markets. In particular, it focuses on Portakabin WardSpace accommodation: an efficient way of meeting increasingly demanding and highly specific requirements of the healthcare industry. Edition 8

  • Responding to an Emerging Market

    This case study looks at how the Portakabin operations exhibit the kind of good practice that the Construction Task Force wants to see the whole industry adopt. In particular, it demonstrates how Portakabin is 'ahead of the game' by being customer-led and responsive to the changing business environment. Edition 7

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Case study

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Case studies

  • The importance of accounting standards

    This case study explains the role of professional consultancy services in helping companies meet rigorous accounting standards. Edition 4

  • Private Finance Initiatives

    This case study explores the role of PWC's Financial Advisory Services with a focus on private finance initiatives. Edition 4

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Case studies

  • Beyond corporate social responsibility

    This case study looks at Primark’s involvement in the HERproject (Health Enables Returns) which is raising awareness and delivering healthcare education to female workers in supplier countries. Edition 20

  • Engaging with stakeholders

    This case study looks at how Primark engages with some of its key external stakeholders. Edition 16

  • Providing consumers with ethically sourced garments

    This case study shows how Primark sources the clothes it sells in its shops in an ethical and fair way, often at added cost to itself. Edition 15

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Case studies

  • Promoting sustainable development

    Sustainability is a broad concept. This case study focuses on both what companies do, as well as how they do them - looking at the impact on the environment and communities in which the organisation operates. Edition 7

  • Creating innovation for competitive advantage

    This case study focuses on how building an innovative culture has enabled Procter & Gamble to meet wider business objectives and maintain its competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market place. Edition 6

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Case study

  • Entering overseas markets

    This case study focuses on the expansion of Provident Financial into markets outside the United Kingdom and Ireland. Edition 5