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Case studies

  • A business case for investing in rail

    This case study sets out the factors Railtrack needed to consider when creating the business case for investing in the railway service. Edition 4

  • Change since privatisation

    This case study examines the effects of privatisation on the core organisation in the UK railway industry - Railtrack. Edition 3

  • Assessing a major infrastructure project

    This case study focuses on a recent appraisal of a key infrastructure project involving the West Coast Main Line and examines how such a development could significantly change the competitive position of the railway industry. Edition 3

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  • Direct marketing

    This case study focuses upon the growth and development of the bestselling consumer magazine title in the world, Reader’s Digest, a magazine which has developed in a unique way to become a publishing phenomenon which has set itself apart from other magazines. Edition 2

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Case study

  • Engaging consumers through word of mouth marketing

    This case study illustrates how Red Bull, the manufacturer of the world's best selling energy drink, uses a range of innovative promotional techniques to improve the process of communication and drive consumer engagement and loyalty. Edition 16

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Case studies

  • Building a single brand

    This case study shows how Rexam is working to build its brand. Edition 7

  • The new world of Rexam

    This case study shows how one of the world’s major consumer packaging companies, Rexam, is seeking to build its brand. Edition 6

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  • Developing a communications strategy

    This case study examines the way that Roche developed an integrated Corporate Publicity Programme to improve communications both externally and internally. Edition 6

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Case studies

  • Expanding a business through skilful acquisition

    This case study shows how Rolls-Royce has identified key areas of the marine markets on which to focus. Today, marine activity accounts for about 15% of the Rolls-Royce group’s turnover. It has the potential to move to about 30% of the group’s turnover over the next 10 years. Edition 7

  • Competing within a changing world

    This case study provides an analysis of the competitive environment affecting Rolls-Royce using Porter's Five Forces model. Edition 6

  • The power of partnerships

    This case study focuses on how the creation of risk and revenue sharing partners (RRSPs) has enabled Rolls-Royce to take on contracts and increase its market share. Edition 5

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Case study

  • Motivating through Total Reward

    This case study shows motivation theory in action and describes how a company can achieve the highest level of commitment from its employees. Edition 12

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Case studies

  • Building sound customer relationships

    This case study shows how Royal & SunAlliance has applied successful customer segmentation and relationship management to achieve successful partnerships with its key customers. Edition 7

  • Making life easier

    This case study shows how Royal & SunAlliance has applied the principles of customer focus to provide business-related (‘commercial’) insurance to small businesses. Edition 6

  • Creating and managing a unique sponsorship

    This case study looks at sporting sponsorship, in particular, Royal & SunAlliance’s sponsorship of Tracy Edwards MBE and her crew as they pursue three yachting world records on board Royal & SunAlliance - a 92 foot catamaran. Edition 3

  • Partnership through sponsorship

    This case study looks at how the sponsorship of the activities of the National Trust has enabled Royal SunAlliance to put into practice the values and beliefs it supports to create a reputable partnership designed to provide a range benefits for many years to come. Edition 2