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Safeway Logo

Case study

  • Making shopping easier

    This case study shows how Safeway formulated a strategy that refocused its 'customer offering' to appeal to families, particularly those with young children. Edition 3

Sainsbury's Bank Logo

Case study

  • The launch of Sainsbury’s Bank

    This case study examines the development of Sainsbury’s Bank, which pioneered and developed the concept of supermarket banking in the UK. Edition 4

Samsung Logo

Case study

ScottishPower Logo

Case studies

  • Managing workforce requirements

    This case study shows how a dynamic and growing company needs to recruit new people with new skills to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century. Edition 15

  • Recruitment and selection in the energy industry

    This case study focuses on how ScottishPower manages its recruitment and selection processes to attract people with relevant skills and competencies into the energy industry. Edition 14

  • Building a multi-utility business

    This case study therefore focuses on the way in which one such organisation - ScottishPower has developed a multiutility strategy that will enable it to keep ahead of the field in serving customers in the next century and beyond. Edition 2

Securicor Logo

Case study

  • Securicor and the private finance initiative

    This case study focuses upon Securicor’s strategy for developing PFIs that enable it to provide high value services in return for developing long-term revenue streams for its business. Edition 5

Sheffield Forgemasters International Logo

Case studies

  • Strategy and the Environment

    This case study examines how Sheffield Forgemasters environmental strategy is implemented throughout the business. Edition 19

  • Creating a competitive advantage through R&D

    This case study shows how SFIL uses research and development (R&D) to sustain its competitive advantage. Edition 18

  • Apprenticeship training within the steel industry

    This case study looks in more detail at SFIL’s apprenticeship programme. It draws on the experiences of three current apprentices: Dan, Kurt and Rebecca. It also considers the broader training challenge for a modern engineering business such as SFIL. Edition 17

Shell Logo

Case studies

  • Balancing stakeholder needs

    The case study examines how stakeholders influence the achievement of these aims and how Shell seeks to meet the needs of all of its stakeholders and balance the social, economic and environmental impacts of its work. Edition 15

  • Taking a long-term view - developing fuels for the future

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to : understand why businesses take a long-term view of sustainable business practice and investment appreciate the importance of research and development understand how R&D helps a company to develop sustainable solutions. Edition 10

Siemens Logo

Case studies

Singapore Airlines Logo

Case studies

  • People in organisations

    This case study shows how one large company, Singapore Airlines, organises itself to make the most effective use of its resources, particularly its human and fiscal resources to achieve its organisational goals. Edition 7

  • Developing a competitive edge

    This case study highlights how SIA is achieving an advantage in the competitive airline industry. Edition 6

Skoda Logo

Case studies

  • SWOT analysis in action

    The case study shows how Å koda UK transformed its brand image and built its competitive edge using SWOT analysis. Edition 13

  • The role of PR in changing perceptions

    This case study looks at how Skoda used PR to change consumer perceptions of the brand. Edition 4

  • Building brand equity

    This case study focuses on the turn-around in the fortunes of a well-known motor manufacturer - Skoda. It examines how Skoda has increased its brand equity through changing its image. Edition 3

  • The rebirth of Skoda

    This case study looks at the turn-round in the fortunes of Skoda which has come about through investment in new technology, management training, product development and effective marketing. Edition 2

Sky Logo

Case studies

  • Building a brand leader

    The case study highlights how a strong brand can aid consumer recognition and add value. Edition 6

  • Social marketing in the new millennium

    This case study examines Sky Television’s new youth initiative - 'Reach For The Sky' - and explains how a social marketing programme is important in the growth of a company’s brand. Edition 5

  • Sky and the digital revolution

    This case study examines BSkyB's marketing activities taking place alongside the advent of digital television Edition 4

  • Creating consumer demand for Sky TV through sports

    This case study focuses on how one market conscious organisation, BSkyB Ltd, provides over 300 hours of sport per week for millions of sports enthusiasts in this country. For many people, subscribing to Sky Sports, is their primary reason for buying into Sky TV. Edition 3

  • Subscribing to broadcasting success

    This study shows how an innovative company, which has been instrumental in changing the lifestyles of many people, has engaged in a sophisticated marketing strategy, in order to maximise benefits to its customers. Edition 2

SmithKline Beecham Logo

Case study

  • Re-generating a mature market

    This case highlights the way in which SmithKline Beecham relaunched their Dr.Best toothbrush to radically alter perceptions and buying patterns in the German toothbrush market. Edition 2

Sodexho Logo

Case study

  • Delivering business objectives - staff development

    This case study examines ways in which Sodexho UK is developing its staff, particularly at managerial level, so that they are better placed to produce high levels of commercial performance (high sales, good profitability) as well as high quality service to customers. Edition 7

Sony Logo

Case study

Specsavers Logo

Case study

  • Job roles at Specsavers

    The case study shows how different job roles are structured within the organisation and how they support Specsavers' business. Edition 15

Standard Life Logo

Case study

  • Customers, process and people

    This case study focuses on how Standard Life has extended its marketing mix beyond the traditional four Ps, Product, Price, Promotion and Place to create a modern focus on Customers, Process and People. Edition 5

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