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  • Involving employees in meeting corporate objectives

    This case study shows how Taylor Woodrow, is creating a benchmark for human resource development by matching its objectives with the needs of its employees. This places human resource development at the centre of the company’s culture. Edition 8

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Case study

  • Developing a product

    This case study focuses upon the translation of an idea into a highly marketable product. Edition 3

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  • Vision, values and business strategies

    This case study examines Tesco strategies, the reasons behind each component and how vision, aims and cultural value interrelate to make the strategies successful. Edition 18

  • Using diversity and inclusion to provide better service

    This case study looks at how Tesco benefits by focusing on diversity and inclusion in its employment strategies. Edition 17

  • Developing appropriate leadership styles

    This case study will show how Tesco's leadership framework is fundamental to developing the qualities of leadership needed at every level in the business. Edition 16

  • Motivational theory in practice at Tesco

    This case study looks at how Tesco motivates its employees by increasing their knowledge, skills and job satisfaction through training and development and providing relevant and timely reward and recognition. Edition 15

  • How training and development supports business growth

    This case study looks at how Tesco provides training and development opportunities for its employees. Edition 14

  • Recruitment and selection

    This case study looks at how Tesco ensures it has the right number of people in the right jobs and at its structured process for recruitment and selection. Edition 13

  • The healthy eating brand

    This case study focuses on how Tesco has identified and anticipated changes in lifestyles in this country and how these impact on new requirements for healthy eating. It shows how Tesco has developed a highly successful 'Healthy Eating' brand. Edition 2

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  • Delivering a superior customer experience

    This case study examines how TNT’s Customer Promise reflects its core strategy of customer focus and aligns with its corporate values to influence the organisation’s culture. Edition 17

  • Delivering a business strategy

    The case study explores how TNT delivers its business strategy and achieves consistently high standards of service through its people. Edition 16

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Case study

  • Trade associations at work

    This case study covers the role played by Trade Associations in the UK economy. It draws on examples from four contrasting industrial and service sectors: travel, financial services, electrical contracting and road haulage. Edition 7

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  • Improving a leading brand

    This case study outlines how Travelodge established itself as the leading brand in the budget hotel market and how it is embracing Internet technologies to create competitive advantage Edition 6

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  • Building Human Resources to provide a foundation for growth

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: appreciate the importance of customer service as part of the overall product offered by organisations, understand how customer service helps to give an organisation a competitive advantage, illustrate how customer service enables an organisation to build a strong business capable of growing faster than its competitors. Edition 10

  • Meeting customers' needs

    As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: identify how the business maintains sustained financial growth through acquisition and development of the existing business, understand how a customer service programme can help to improve performance and ensure long term financial stability, explain the key components of the marketing mix and how implementation of the mix will enhance customer satisfaction. Edition 9

  • How an Environmental Management System (EMS) helps create a sustainable business

    This case study shows how Travis Perkins has built an EMS based on the International Standard ISO 14001 in order to reduce costs and make a major contribution to ‘sustainability’. Therefore, it intends to minimise its impact on the environment. Edition 8

  • Using management training to build a better business

    This case study emphasises the importance of training. In doing so it focuses upon the management trainee programme developed by Travis Perkins. This illustrates how its training scheme has been used to build a fast-growing business in a competitive business sector. Edition 7