Edition 10 Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantageAs a result of reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain the importance of...

Cristal global

Cristal Global are proud leaders in manufacturing titanium dioxide products. Many everyday products contain components from Cristal Global, for example, paint, paper and plastics. Cristal...

Cow & gate

Edition 7 Innovation in infant nutrition This marketing mix case study focuses on the way in which one of the world’s leading nutrition companies used a science-based research...


Corus is a customer focused, innovative solutions-driven company, which manufactures, processes and distributes steel and aluminium products and services to customers worldwide. Corus is...

Connexions Card

Edition 11 Using promotional strategies to connect with stakeholders This promotion case study helps students understand how organisations promote with customers and communicate with other stakeholders. IntroductionStakeholdersBelow-the-lineAbove-the-lineConclusion
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